Holly (ohhhmydarling) wrote,

People are out of control. They want to complain about hate but when it's very clear that hate isn't in the picture, they ignore that and decide to redefine the word. They want to complain about not having equal opportunities, but when it's clear that they have just as many opportunities as the next kid, they decide to go back to the hate thing. And how do they decide to stop the hate? By hating. Not just hating either. Slander. Blackmail. Intolerance. It's absolutely ridiculous. It's hypocrisy. It's doing everything but minding your own business. If something very scary and serious happened to our country, nobody would have time to think of things so ridiculous. It's selfish. Self-important. But that's the main reason people suck these days, right? They have so much time on their hands but all they care about is themselves. 

The amount of ignorance in the people who cry ignorant astounds me.
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